BioVM - a virtual machine for Bioinformatics

January 18, 2019: Development of BioVM has been discontinued. There is not much interest or activity in the project. Source code is still available from Gitlab.

BioVM is a virtual machine based on Ubuntu Linux (MATE) with pre-configured software for Bioinformatics.

The BioVM desktop


  • Get latest Bioinformatics software.
  • A local instance of the Galaxy web platform.
  • Run, create and share containers of Bioinformatics software.
  • Includes Python, PERL, R and system tools.
  • Minimal installation of Ubuntu Linux - suitable for virtual environments.

Get BioVM

You can launch a virtual machine by getting the source code from the repository.

You will need to have VirtualBox, Vagrant and Ansible installed.

Project information

Current stable release:
Source code:

Blog posts

BioVM 18.04 is here.

Last updated: 12 June 2018